At Cia 2000 Ltd we can provide remote monitoring to ensure the safety of your property and employees.

Intruder Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring ensures someone responds to your Alarm system activation, We can install a dual World SIM Dual-com signalling unit normally within 48 hours, this method of signalling does not require a Telephone Line as the 2nd path saving you money. Dependent upon your Insurance Company Grade requirement we can automatically Grade Shift the Dual-com to suit your requirements.

At the end of 2025 all signalling with a PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network), telephone line will be switched off.  

Will your Remote signalling be compliant? 

 CIA 2000 uses a Dual World SIM in all our new Remote Monitored systems which means:- 

  1. Your system will be Insurance and Police Compliant 
  1. You will save money on the old PSTN telephone line rental 

In addition, the Police Force Policy will not guarantee that they will be in attendance after a confirmed alarm but if you decide to use a Key Holding Company, they will be there to meet you. 

No more attending to an intruder alarm activation not knowing who will be there to meet you!  

Can you afford NOT to contact CIA 2000 for your Signalling requirements 

CCTV Remote Monitoring

CCTV Remote Monitoring backed up with selective motion detection ensures your premises are protected when the premises are unoccupied. Our Central Station is Staffed 24/7 and your selected Keyholders or response plan is actioned when the Perimeter is breached