Nothing improves your security better


Nothing improves your security better than a well installed CCTV system.

CIA 2000 are specialists in this field and can advise you on the system to suit your needs whether that be covert or overt.

Cameras can be concealed within many different housings to suit your particular needs. Work can be completed outside your normal working times to ensure a complete covert installation.

Automatic number plate recognition cameras.

The advantage of IP cameras is that cameras can be added to your existing networks and can be controlled and viewed from almost anywhere you can get internet access.

No more VHS tapes to control and change, all images are recorded upon a hard drive where you can decide upon quality and retention of data period. Incidents can be downloaded onto either CD or DVD from an easily accessible men.

No more expensive filament bulbs to illuminate the required area of protection and poor bulb life, these LED lamps are quite remarkable in both low power and reliability.