Access Control

Improve safety – Prevent loss – Protect data

Access Control

To improve the safety of your employees, help prevent loss of stock and protect essential company data you should consider an Access control security system.

CIA 2000 are the experts in helping to select the system that is right for you.

Access control systems give the end user the ability to control, restrict and monitor the movement of assets, people or vehicles in and out of a designated area or series of areas.
Unlike old style locks and keys, if a key, fob or card is lost it can be removed from the access control system thus removing the need to change locks. Typical uses include staff and visitor movements around designated areas.

These systems allow access systems to be viewed and controlled over a dedicated network whether that be internally or externally via an internet connection.
Pre prepared reports can be set up to email early closing or late to close reports to an administrator.

Integrated Systems allow the seamless interfacing of access with say CCTV or Time Management Control to give you a full Management Package.

Audio (Intercom) or Audio + Video combination arrangements may be used where human control of access is required from a remote control point. This suits a busy reception desk or a remote office location which is dedicated for staff and visitor control.

Biometric systems are used where very high security is required to a particular area e.g. into a Server Room.
Access is restricted by use of voice, finger print, palm print, iris or retina recognition, this stored information is then compared against the person whenever access is requested to achieve correct access control into the restricted area.

This is a relatively simple method of access control and uses a number of pre stored digits which when input in the correct sequence releases the door.

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