With the prospects of a no deal Brexit we have decided to try and be proactive to our customers, by making them aware if the result of a no Brexit deal with have an impact on the services we provide.

We have looked at what impact Brexit will have on our Business and in turn the possible problems to our Clients.

A lot of our work is ‘Engineer Driven’ so we don’t foresee the Brexit result effecting how we operate from this perspective.
We service and maintain a multitude of different systems; and work with a number of different products and suppliers.
A great number of the equipment we use is manufactured in the UK, USA and the Far East, with little coming from Europe – apart from some products used for certain Gate, Barrier and Intercom systems. (The manufacturers for these parts have UK based Offices and spares available from those Offices and Stores. They do not foresee any future problems on a no deal Brexit scenario).

There are alternative UK products which we always opt for in new installations where possible, however sometimes our hands are tied by the customer when considering the current system installed and what other products are compatible with it, along with customer preferences of equipment whilst aiming to save on costs.

We cannot 100% guarantee that a no deal Brexit would not have a negative effect on global markets or raw materials – which are used in manufacturing the products we supply and use, for example.
However, this could be the case with the many other global factors we all face and is not just restricted to the outcome of Brexit.

In summary we have not been informed or have reason to believe that a no deal Brexit vote will have a dramatic effect on the service we provide our customers, but we do expect that there may be a few product increases as a result.
We will strive to keep you posted on any updates to the above.

If you have any particular concerns, please feel free to contact me

Yours sincerely,

Jim Perry
Cia 2000 Managing Director